Demand for plant-based meals rises for Emirates during Veganuary

Vegan meals on airlines are increasing in popularity with many airlines adding vegan options on request. Popular airline, Emirates, has recently detailed how it has consistently seen a marked increase in demand for plant-based meals during the month of January. 

This interest is naturally put down to the ever favoured occurrence of Veganuary. Growing in popularity, this global campaign sets out to encourage people to go vegan for the duration of the first month of the year. It’s the month where variety is at its finest and people explore a diet void of meat and dairy products. 

Looking at statistics for 2021, Emirates served up to 10% more vegan meals during its flights in January than any other month. And it seems that 2022 is looking to follow the same trend. In total, Emirates served more than 113,000 vegan meals throughout 2021.

And it’s not really surprising when you look at the food on offer with Emirates. Its vegan selection spans more than 170 dishes which are all designed by a team of award winning chefs and nutritionists. And in keeping with tradition, the airline serves menus that are inspired by the origin or destination cities of each flight.  Some of the more popular dishes include Grilled vegetable crêpes with spinach and tomato concassé, Mediterranean vegetable ravioli and Tagine vegetables with couscous. And to follow, how about caramel baked rice with coconut cream or pineapple with pomelo and ginger syrup. 

Vegan meals can be requested up to 24 hours before departure time, on all Emirates flights and across all classes of travel. You may also find vegan options on the main menu on high-demand routes. 

And it’s not just mid-flight that customers can enjoy such fine cuisine. Emirates’ premium customers can also enjoy a plant-based diet at Emirates’ lounges in Dubai. The First Class Lounge in Dubai offers a variety of vegan treats including Vietnamese style rice paper rolls, served with a spicy vinegar dip. Or maybe you’d prefer the Green Burger which comes served with a rocket salad. In the Business Class Lounge, you can try Quinoa tabbouleh or perhaps a white bean soup. However, it isn’t just Dubai visitors who can eat so well, Emirates’ airport lounges right across Europe, Africa, US and Asia also offer plant-based meals to pre-flight customers. 

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