Key 2023 travel trends in UAE, Saudi

Sustainability is now important for most holidaymakers

Travelers in the UAE and Saudi Arabia are planning to spend more on holidays in 2023, with most in both markets (93 percent) planning to go away, and more than two-thirds in each market (66 percent in Saudi Arabia and 69 percent in the UAE planning more breaks than in 2022), according to a new report released by loyalty travel program Mariott Bonvoy.  

Luxury will also be a key theme, with around a quarter planning on staying in luxury accommodation whilst away. 

Findings revealed that the increase in trips and spending is, in part, thanks to more confidence that 2023 holiday plans won’t be impacted by Covid, and the fact that travel remains a priority for Middle Eastern consumers. Sustainability also plays an important role in 2023 travel plans, whilst ‘having a break from it all’ is key for holidaymakers.

Wellbeing-led holidays that allow people to get away from it all will be the predominant type of break those in the Middle East go on. More than six in ten from the UAE (61 percent) plan to, whilst the figure is even higher for Saudi Arabia (73 percent). 

Authentic travel is also key, with many wanting to immerse themselves in a complete change of culture, with over half in both markets (55 percent in the UAE and 56 percent in Saudi Arabia) wanting to explore new destinations and cultures.  

In fact, hybrid and remote working have had a significant impact on travel plans in 2023. Nearly a third of those from the UAE (31 percent) and 23 percent from Saudi Arabia plan to take a ‘work-away holiday’ – where they will continue to log on and work whilst traveling, thus allowing them to experience a new place without taking annual leave.

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