MTV star Mat Pritchard launches vegan meat made from fermented vegetables

Dirty Vegan’s Mat Pritchard has unveiled a line of plant-based sausages, burgers, and meatballs, free-from additives and saturated fat

MTV’s Dirty Sanchez star Mat Pritchard is launching a range of vegan meat products made from fermented vegetables.

The pro skateboarder turned chef has unveiled a line of plant-based sausages, vegan burgers, and meatballs under his brand Dirty Vegan.

Sanchez says the products are free-from additives, saturated fat and any other ‘nasties’ often found in processed food.

‘Tastes amazing’

“At Dirty Vegan we have developed a range of products that not only taste amazing but are really good for you and actively promote a healthy gut meaning the more you eat the better you will feel!” the celeb said.

“These products are not just for Vegans they suit anyone looking for great tasting healthy meals.”

Pritchard added that his Dirty Vegan burger contain a whipping 20g of vegan protein per patty – beating both 80 percent lean beef and other plant-based alternatives such as the Impossible Burger.

Dirty Vegan aims to debut its products in pubs, bars, restaurants and retailers across the UK. However, no specific details have been announced yet.

Mat Pritchard 

Pritchard became vegan a decade ago, having ‘turned his back on years of abuse and a famous wild man lifestyle’. 

The star, who ditched animal products after watching the vegan documentary Cowspiracy, says going vegan has ‘transformed’ his life.

“The energy I get from my diet gives me the determination to take up extreme physical challenges that in turn give me huge satisfaction and an incredible sense of well-being,” he said.

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