Netflix Releases Sustainability Storytelling Movie and TV Show Recommendations

Movies and TV about sustainability can be hopeful, fun, and entertaining. Join Netflix in flipping the script on sustainability storytelling with our variety of solutions-oriented movies and series for whatever mood you’re in. 

Studies show the vast majority of the global population considers climate change very important to them but feel anxious about it — especially younger generations. We know that a majority also want to stay up to date and learn more about sustainability solutions, and research shows talking about climate change with friends and family encourages deeper, more meaningful engagement with the issue. That’s why it’s important for Netflix to have a variety of sustainability storytelling — from series like Down to Earth with Zac Efron, dramas like Sweet Tooth and Okja, to rom-coms like Falling Inn Love. Not all climate change stories need to be doom and gloom — it’s important for us all to flip the script on how we think about sustainability.

Here are a few stories that are already “flipping the script.” To see all 200, check out  

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Sustainability is… out of this world

Heart-racing action and sci-fi thrills to save the world. Check out these imaginative adventure and fantasy stories: The Sea Beast, Sweet Tooth, Captain Nova, Okja, Ragnarok

Sustainability is… hot damn!

OKCupid found that 90% of daters said that it’s important for their match to care about climate change. If you’re in the mood for “meet cute” meets sustainability, you’ll fall head over heels for these feel-good rom coms: Falling Inn Love, Holiday in the Wild

Sustainability is…*chef’s kiss*

Sustainability can sometimes feel like eating your vegetables — quite literally. But we promise, food can be tasty AND good for the planet, just like these shows: Waffles + Mochi and Down to Earth with Zac Efron.

Sustainability is… giving our all

Finally, sustainability stories shine a light on superheroes, everyday heroes, and the next generation of changemakers and solutionists who are stepping up to help protect the world around them, inspiring others to do the same. Spirit Rangers, IO, Mowgli Legend of the Jungle and Youth V Gov.

Sustainability lets audiences — and the characters they love — explore humor, romance, suspense, and so much more than doom and gloom.

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