Polestar’s head of sustainability brands vegan cars ‘greenwashing’

Despite creating cars with vegan interiors, Polestar’s head of sustainability has dubbed the idea of a vegan car as ’greenwashing’

Polestar’s head of sustainability has controversially branded vegan cars as ‘greenwashing’.

Fredrika Klarén, who has worked for the car manufacturer since 2020, made the comment in a recent interview with CarsGuide.

‘A lie to customers’

“We have animal products all over the place,” she said. “We have grease, animal content in synthetics [and] in plastics.

“Saying that a car is vegan is a lie to customers. Yes, you can have a vegan upholstery alternative… We want to ensure that, as a vegan, you have an alternative to move away from leather if you buy a Polestar 2.

“[However], we will never make a claim that we have provided you with a completely vegan car.”

Vegan cars

In 2020, Volvo garnered huge praise for its Polestar 2 – which boasted an ‘animal-free interior’.

The car’s vegan upholstery is made from WeaveTech, which was inspired by the “sporty look and feel” of wetsuits. It also features a leather-free steering wheel with a clean matte finish.

But as Klarén points out, even cars with leather-free interiors may not be vegan, as other components of the vehicle can be made of animal-derived materials.

Animal-rights charity PETA recommends consumers to ‘contact each manufacturer directly to confirm that all components are entirely animal-free’.

Vegans can also purchase a car second-hand, to not directly contribute towards the demand and supply of animal-derived materials.

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