Vegan Peking Mushroom Pancakes

Sweet, aromatic mushrooms make the perfect filling for these Chinese-style pancakes!

These vegan Peking mushroom pancakes make a lovely light supper, or can be served as a vegan ‘duck’ course in a Chinese feast!

Sticky and sweet chestnut mushrooms replace the traditional crispy duck in these delicious, hoisin drizzled pancakes.

What is Peking sauce?

Peking sauce is also known as hoisin sauce, and it’s a popular addition to dishes in many Chinese restaurants and takeaways.

The sauce is made from soybeans, flour, sugar, water, spices, garlic, and chilli. It has a sweet and slightly spicy flavour and is usually a very thick and sticky sauce.

Hoisin sauce is generally vegan, but it’s worth a quick check of the label as in rare cases some brands can use honey as a sweetener.

What’s the difference between chestnut mushrooms and white mushrooms? 

Chestnut mushrooms and white button mushrooms are actually the same type of mushroom, just a slightly different strain!

Where white mushrooms grow white and tend to stay small and closed cup, chestnut mushrooms grow with a brown cap. They can also be allowed to grow much bigger to become portabello mushrooms!

Chestnut mushrooms tend to have a more developed flavour and texture than plain white mushrooms, and are perfect for lending a ‘meatiness’ to recipes like this one. They also have a better nutritional profile, with more vitamins and nutrients than white mushrooms – particularly vitamin D!

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