As a new media platform, Yalla Healthy Living (YHL) has been committed to reaching net zero emissions from the start of the business. We have structured the business so that:

  1. We Are Laser Focused on Raising Public Awareness of the Climate Crisis-The reason for our platform`s existence is to promote sustainability. Our Cool Cities and ME campaign goes a step further, by raising awareness concerning overheating cities in the Middle East and mobilizing stakeholders to take immediate action to help our cities adapt to extreme temperatures.

  2. We Promote Eco-Design of content and promote responsible purchasing.

  3. We Work Remotely– This gives our staff more flexibility but also cuts down on the need for mass commuting and reduces emissions in the office ( heating, air conditioning and electricity ).

  4. We Limit Travel-We limit the use of travel by our staff and use our online platform for meetings as much as possible.

  5. We Use Green Service Providers- Our service providers are committed to the goals of Yalla Healthy Living to improve sustainability.

We measure our carbon footprint and are confident that we will reach our target of net zero emission in 2022.