Yalla Healthy Living is committed to supporting companies that are developing new technologies, innovations and products that contribute making our planet more sustainable and in improving the health, nutrition and well-being of people across the region. We do this by providing just in time access to specialists and expertise to help companies on a short or longer terms basis, solve critical challenges or take advantage of opportunities along the value chain.

These experts can help companies in: business planning and strategy development, food science, nutrition, food technology, food safety, packaging supply chain management, marketing and market development, consumer insights, and in policies and regulations. We can also help companies find investments to expand their product offerings.


We Identifying leading companies developing promising food innovations

  • Start-ups today are the most important drivers of food innovation​
  • We identify the most promising companies and technologies that can have a game changing impact on the food system​
  • The Platform facilitates partnerships with these companies to help them develop strategies, improve the formulation of their products and to navigate the ecosystem and ultimately to reach scale

We support strategy development, business planning, legal and regulatory approvals

  • We assist companies in developing their corporate strategies and business plans
  • We support companies in establishing their sales processes and action plans to grow and capture new markets, with a special focus on emerging markets​
  • We also help companies with licensing their intellectual property, and managing compliance with food and environmental regulations around the world

Assist companies with contract manufacturing, prototyping, packaging and supply chain optimization

  • We help companies with concept and feasibility development for new products​
  • We support companies in identifying contract manufacturing options and with prototyping and market validation​
  • We assist companies to optimize their supply chains, including ingredients supply, and their packaging and labelling requirements

We can help Improve the nutrient density of products, desirability and safety

  • We concentrate on alternative protein sources, including protein-rich ingredients from plants, fungi, insects and cultured tissue
  • New plant-based protein products often respond well to requirements for sustainability and achieve a high degree of functionality but are limited in terms of their taste, nutritional benefits and food safety

We are also committed to ensuring that food innovations reach underserved and lower income populations is at the heart of our social agenda

  • We are committed to reaching underserved and lower income populations (in both rich
    and poor countries) with food innovations that are ethical and will especially improve health and nutrition
  • We work with companies to build appropriate business models and to formulate products for populations with low purchasing power and facing significant health and nutrition challenges​
  • We broker partnerships with private, public and international entities committed to the same goals for specific projects that can have a high impact in terms of health and nutrition outcomes​
  • We have a specific practice in nutrition where we undertake all aspects of nutrition from applied research to product development


If you need our help, we can first do a free one-on-one consultations with our team.

If there is interest from both parties to move forward, we then will look at different payment arrangement ranging from fee for service, to equity sharing to pro-bono work when there is a major social impact.  

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