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  • Could Lab-Grown Fur Disrupt the Luxury Fashion World?
    Cultured meat–meat created without the animal–is quickly becoming something that we can order at a restaurant. Producing meat this way could potentially help mitigate the effects of climate change, save resources, and greatly reduce animal cruelty.

    If we can grow steak and tuna that has never been an animal, could this same technology take on other industries, like fashion? The answer is a hopeful yes. One startup is aiming to do it with lab-grown fur and wool.

    Scientists at Amsterdam-based biotechnology startup Furoid have created the world’s first in vitro hair follicle linked to collagen. This is done by cultivating the stem cells of various animals (such as mink or leopard) under the right conditions so that it grows into actual tissue. (It’s similar to how cultured meat is made).

    In this case, it’s a follicle that could then potentially be used to “bioprint” fur and wool without the need for animals. And the process of tanning and dyeing the fur would also happen at a cellular level, which would prevent the use of the pollutive chemicals used.
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