7 Homegrown Labels Championing Upcycled Decor

Upcycling hasn’t only taken the fashion space by storm but also entered the world of decor. Did you know that some homegrown labels are actually making furniture, lamps and carpets from scrap and waste material? Turning old into gold, they’re making a strong case for sustainable living and eco-friendly products with their thoughtful designs. If you’re already on the path of conscious consumerism and would like to add some sustainable pieces to your interiors at home, look no further. Bookmark these labels that are big on upcycled decor.

1. Mishcat Co.

Ishrat Sahgal founded her boutique design studio out of her sheer love for sustainable designs. On a mission to bring upcycling in the luxury world, Michcat Co has carved a niche in decor by reusing leftover saris to make carpets. And here’s what makes it unique: since each carpet is made from a different sari, the designs don’t get replicated.

2. Oorja

If you’ve been to the popular Asian restaurant Foo and have found yourself staring at the wonderful lights there, let us tell you that the studio Oorja is behind its making. Wondering what material is used for making the lamps? You’d be surprised to know it’s made from handmade paper produced from agricultural waste, mainly banana and lokta (comes from the bark of mulberry trees) fibres. These two fibres have high cellulose content and are processed without harsh chemicals and sculpted into lamps. Launched by Jenny Pinto and Radeesh Shetty, the duo has also developed a biodegradable material from stone dust and fibre waste.

3. Pulp Factory Studio 

Remember how we had fun DIY craft assignments in school using paper mache? Designer Spriha Chokhani has taken this craft to another level and makes furniture from it. Pulp Factory Studio by Spriha, based in Assam, makes furniture from waste paper pulp and plant-based glue. One might wonder if it can take the weight? And the answer is yes, it holds up to 200 kilograms!

4. Sylvn Studio 

Another studio making furniture from paper is Bandana Jain’s Sylvn studio. The contemporary artist and sustainable design practitioner makes standout sculpted pieces with corrugated cardboard, burlap, and recycled material.

5. The Second Wind 

From upcycling to reimagining old/broken/discarded furniture, Gurugram-based The Second Wind launched by Ira Maurya and Abhinav Mehta give a new life to each piece they find. Some of the brand’s works feature benches made from refurbished headboards, repurposing an old crib into a bookshelf and coffee tables recreated from salvaged wood and everything a vintage decor enthusiast would love.

upcycled decor
Old Family Crib Turned To A Bookshelf | Photograph: The Second Wind

6. The Retyrement Plan 

Anu Tandon Viera found beauty in used tyres and plastic bottles and transformed them into beautiful seating furniture. Named The Retyrement Plan, which is a wordplay on old tyres and the fact she launched her business at the age of 50, Anu has become a known name in the decor space. Whether you choose to incorporate it in your home or office, the label’s colourful pouffes and chairs will surely brighten up any space.

7. Differniture

Here’s another label blending sculpted goodness with decor. Founded by Aakriti Kumar, Differniture adopts a zero to minimal waste design philosophy and uses reclaimed and salvaged materials along with natural and non-toxic oils and waxes to make beautiful geometric and sculpted pieces that add a touch of earthiness to your interiors.

Original Article by: Isha Mayer, ELLE

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