Campaign Summary

Our region is warming at twice the global average and we can expect an increase in temperature of 4 degrees Celsius by 2050. With many of our cities already experiencing record temperatures of over 50 degrees Celsius, we are very worried that many of our cities will be uninhabitable, with average temperatures expected to exceed 60 degrees Celsius by the end of the century.

We must act now to prevent this catastrophe by changing the way we live, what we eat, the way we consume and the way in which our cities are designed. We must redesign our cities, so they are climate resilient but also so that they are inclusive, creative, exciting and Cool places to live. The goal of our campaign is to first, build awareness in our cities and globally in the lead-up to COP 27 in Egypt and COP 28 in the UAE on the urgent need for all stakeholder to act and be part of a movement to Cool Our Cities in the Middle East. Secondly, to take direct and immediate actions to help our cities adapt to rising temperatures by accelerating the introduction of cool roofs, cool walls, cool trees and cool innovations.

This campaign is being promoted by Yalla Healthy Living based in Cairo, Egypt.
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