1.  Tell us about your journey to embrace healthier /sustainable foods, lifestyles and living?

The founder of Grazel, Haidy Samuel is driven by strong values concerning the health benefits of an alternative, less processed diet. In 2012, with her first baby, she decided to limit all kinds of processed, ready-to-go, and junk food, and started creatively cooking all kinds of food, and desserts from scratch, and it all started from here. Since then, she decided to turn her passion into a business, and after many trials and errors, Grazel -formerly known as Natural Bites, finally came to life in 2017. Being a pharmacist, has helped Haidy produce high quality, delicious chocolates, made with a personal touch, that health conscious, mindful foodies can feel great about buying and enjoying!

2.  What makes your brand stand out? What is the one thing you will want people to remember about your brand?

Chocolate for us means much more than just a pure sweet, indulgence, or treat. It is a precious work of art. It is not simply produced, but is lovingly created through inspiration and passion. That’s what makes us stand out. Our passion. We’re passionate about cultivating chocolate that excites and delights our customers.

Our premium chocolate is carefully hand made from only the finest raw ingredients, bringing you unrivaled taste and quality. It has always been our priority at Grazel that everyone can enjoy scrumptious chocolate, regardless of their dietary requirements. Most of our great-tasting bars are free from dairy, refined sugar and gluten and it’s suitable for raw foodists, people leading healthy lifestyles, diabetic patients, and vegans.

So our customers can indulge their senses and enjoy our chocolate, whatever their dietary needs, with no guilt! We care for our people, for their health, and well-being. We care to provide them with the best experience, creating a long-term relationship built upon trust and respect. With ambition, passion and a great deal of creativity, we found the perfect balance between tasty flavors and a healthy lifestyle. We want people to remember us as the brand that is so passionate to make living healthy easy, enjoyable, and fun!

3. What are your leading products and who are they targeted to?

We’ve three different categories which are; Sugar free dark, and milk chocolate with 2 different sizes, dark and milk chocolate spreads, and dates covered with dark, and milk chocolates.

When it comes to flavors, we’ve 3 different dark chocolate flavors; plain, with almonds, and with hazelnuts. As for the milk chocolate, we’ve 4 different flavors, which are; plain, almonds, hazelnut, and mint.

The sugar free dark, and milk chocolates are crafted for people who are trying to completely cut sugar from their diets, are on a keto diet, diabetic patients, or maybe just trying to stay healthy & limit their sugar intake! Definitely, it’s also suitable for vegans, and lactose intolerant people- in the case of dark chocolate! It’s sugar-free, gluten-free, and the dark chocolate is diary free as well!

Also, the sugar free milk chocolate, and the milk chocolate spread are a perfect option for kids. Starting your young child off right when it comes to healthy eating will pay off now and throughout their lifetime, and we aim to make families lead a healthier lifestyle.

4. What do you see as your main challenges in growing your business and how will you overcome these?

I believe that the biggest challenge, but also our biggest motivator is expanding our business, while maintaining top-notch quality. Crafting top-quality chocolate have always been and will always be our number one priority, and since our chocolates are hand-made, so it’s hard for us to largely expand while maintaining top quality. Even though, expanding our business seems tempting, but offering premium quality chocolate will always be our priority.

5. How will you measure the success of your business?

Success is defined differently by each and everyone. One might say that the business is successful when it achieves great profits, sales, growth, expansion, etc. But for us, we become successful when we make people enjoy a higher quality of life, where they get to live healthy while enjoying the food they’re eating. When they start owning their lives, and make healthy decisions because they love to, not want to! When they start experiencing an improved healthy life, whether it be; better eating habits, improved blood levels, eating with no guilt, less restrictive eating, reduced body fat, or improved energy levels. We long to build a community that is healthy on all three levels; mentally, physically, and emotionally.

6. What is your vision for the next 5 years for your business?

We’re on a mission to support people on their personal health journey. That’s what motivates us every day to continue to innovate, iterate and perfect our foods for our customers. Our vision is to be the market leaders supplying people with their daily dose of happiness, boosting their health and well-being. We would be the first and largest brand helping people in their health journey through innovating healthy snacks that fit their dietary needs, and give them uplifting moments of raw pleasure. Hopefully, in the near future, we can enter new markets and sell our products on an international basis, boosting people’s senses all around the globe with our chocolates that are lovingly made with the finest cocoa and without refined sugar so they can be conscious of quality and health, without compromising on taste. We also dream to have our own shops, selling a diverse range of healthy sweet products.

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