Transforming livelihoods for current and future generations, through organic and healthy products.

Sara’s Organic Farm is an inspiring story of success and a business that is shifting  awareness and providing the products that support a health, nutritious and sustainable lifestyle. It is driven by the believe that growing food sustainably, using organic methods has benefits for the consumer’s health, the welfare of animals and the state of the environment.

This unique company aims to re-establish a connection between the people and the farmers that grow their food with a firm believe that, knowing one’s food source and having access to nutritionally dense, clean food is of vital importance for improved livelihoods.

Established in 2011, the company started small scale organic farming by producing a limited sample of organic chemical-free vegetables, and eventually expanded into a team of farmers and engineers, having a wide range of produce and becoming an award winning company!

Sara’s organic Farm is a story that aims to get consumers to view food with more conscious engagement and to transform eating habits for the current and future generations.

We are happy to have had the opportunity to get the insight, feedback and inspiration behind this success story:

1.  Tell us about your journey to embrace healthier /sustainable foods, lifestyles, and living?

As far as I can remember, I was a vegetarian. It always just felt right for me not to eat or harm other sentient beings. Today, it’s a more sustainable choice leading to less suffering.

Growing up in Switzerland and raised by a farmer’s daughter, I was connected to nature and grew and sourced our vegetables and fruits. When I moved to Cairo, I wanted to provide my young family with nutritious, healthy food grown without harmful substances and detrimental effects on the environment. I found a significant disconnect between people and the food that we eat and how it’s grown. How food is produced affects our health and the health of farmers, animals, natural resources, and the planet. With a small but passionate team, we started growing nutritious, healthy, and locally grown food for my family and later for friends and citizens of Cairo, Egypt, and beyond.

It’s more important to me now than ever to lead and for my kids. We can no longer ignore the facts, and we must make changes, must take action. My personal goal is to inspire positive change, health, love, and less suffering. Our company’s goal is to provide goodness and raise awareness about the importance of knowing your food. We all need to eat, and making the right choices with the food you eat is a direct way to healthier living and more sustainable food systems.

2.  What are your top products, and who are they targeting?

We grow source and deliver organic and premium fresh food and more to our customers. With the Golden Box by Sara’s Organic Food, you can get the freshest, tastiest and healthiest products delivered to your doorstep once a week. We also work together with farms with a social mission, such as our partner farm in the Bahareya Oasis, to produce artisanal date products and more.

We target health-engaged individuals and families that want to know where their food comes from and make healthier, more sustainable choices, as well as owners and managers of hotels, retail stores, and restaurants.

3. What do you see as your main challenges in growing your business, and how will you overcome these?

One of our main challenges is consistently producing a high quality product in terms of organic, low input, and clean growing while remaining price competitive and economically sustainable. Logistics are also an ongoing challenge –  we are doing many things simultaneously, growing, sourcing, packing, and distributing to retail partners and the end customer via the Golden Box. What we grow and source is harvested daily and is highly perishable, unlike other goods, which is especially challenging in the weather traffic conditions we face in our main operating areas. We need to move extremely fast and 100% aligned on all fronts. We are also subject to fluctuations of the seasons, so our supply is volatile, whereas our customers would like to have as many fruits and vegetables available all year round. We strongly believe that by connecting farms and consumers and communicating our production process, we can cultivate an understanding and better inform our clients about what products are available seasonally and the challenges that come with it.

4. How will you measure the success of your business?

Our business is thriving by maintaining and improving the quality and yield of our fruit and vegetables, whilst managing the cost side of growing, sourcing and distributing, and giving as many people as possible access to tasty, healthy, and nutritious food.

We aim to improve logistics and get more products to our customers in a fresh and timely way at a cost that keeps the product’s price competitive. We will reach out to more people through retail outlets, hotels, and restaurants, and direct farm customers while maintaining economic and environmental sustainability.

5. What is your vision for the next five years for your business.

Our vision is to provide more delicious, organic and premium, sustainably produced food with uncompromising quality, a commitment to education, and customer care. We promise that we go over and above to bring you healthier food. We will develop more sustainable complex products using unique and high-quality ingredients grown with love in Egypt. Amongst those will be delicious organic kitchen staples and natural snacks for children and adults, all grown and sourced locally and sustainably.

6. What is the one thing you will want people to remember about your brand?

That we go over and above to provide healthier food that is better for people and the planet. We are providing goodness. A delicious, healthy product that is accessible to all. The impression that we want to leave is that people would come back for more.

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