KAJU was created in 2015 by Yasmine Nazmy to help people like her who have food intolerances and wish to eat eat delicious healthy food, without sacrificing great taste and enjoyment. This, as we know, is not an easy task, but Yasmine took on this challenge with a lot of enthusiasm and managed to make her vision a reality. As an artist and an engineer, she created delicious and healthy vegan and gluten-free  ice creams, desserts, cheeses, burgers and pizzas.

Kaju started as a small home-based business and expanded as healthier eating trend and movement grew in Egypt. Initially Kaju aimed mainly to help all those suffering from food allergies, vegans and vegetarians wishing to make a positive impact on the planet, and anyone who just loved to eat good food!

Kaju specializes in three main categories: Raw Vegan Desserts, Dairy-free cheeses and Vegan Comfort Food. Kaju aims to provide the best quality gluten-free, dairy-free and sugar-free items, always made with love. Check out YHL marketplace section and try out one of these delicious items!

We had the chance to get Yasmine’s views on how she started, what drives her and her team and where she wants to see Kaju in the future.

1.  Tell us about your journey to embrace healthier /sustainable foods, lifestyles and living?

My healing journey started when I was 16, in 2009, when I was finishing high school and I decided to stop eating junk food. My mother was studying nutrition and natural medicine at that time, so she inspired me to stop eating food that had no nutritional or health value. Over the following years, I had weened myself almost off most dairy and gluten products.

In London, where I attended University and was exposed to many different cuisines and to vegan food, is where I took the decision to stop eating meat, and to started eating more raw foods and greens. When I came back to Egypt, I turned vegan and later raw Vegan. This was then followed by a phase where I tried other diets (paleo, Keto, you name it!), and kept experimenting until I settled with my own form of intuitive eating, which is mostly plant based, but still includes all food groups (except for meat and processed foods).

2.  What are your leading products and who are they targeted to?

Our products range from ice creams to burgers, all dairy free, gluten free and sugar free. We have different types of raw desserts, like cakes and balls, and then a variety of cooked savoury items. We really target anyone who needs this kind of food (for allergy reasons or intolerances) or who simply want a to cut down on gluten, dairy, sugar and lower carb intake.  Plant based food is just food after all, and doesn’t need to target a specific group.  We love to share our tasty recipes with anyone who would appreciate them.

3. What to you see as your main challenges in growing your business and how will you overcome these?

I do not like to think of challenges as hardships but rather as opportunities for learning and for solving creatively. I believe it is easy to fall into the trap of wanting to expand a business too quickly and that coming at the expense of losing quality control. I have always been so selective with the quality of our ingredients, and I will never give up quality over expansion! I think it is wiser for us to stay a small company, and keep our operations manageable without ever compromising quality. As much as I would love to have my own little store, I know from experience how hectic it can be, so I am trying my best to resist the temptation!

4. How will you measure the success of your business?

Great question! To me, success means reaching the right audience and making them happy them by being consistent. It is also making sure the staff are enjoying what they do and feel that they get a fair salary. It is a two way thing really, the staff are as important to me as the customers.

5. What is your vision for the  next 5 years for your business.

It is so hard to think ahead five years! This month we hit our six years of operation, and the idea of   doubling this number of years is almost unimaginable at this point! I would  love to make it that far, and would be so proud of myself and my team. And I would also be so grateful for the customers who continue to love and support Kaju. If I had to envision the year 2026, I would say  that I would like to see a slightly bigger team  with the same menu but perhaps with the addition of a catering option!

6. What is the one thing you will want people to remember about your brand?

 I definitely want people to remember that KAJU is delicious, consistent and always made with love!

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