Raising the Bar in the plant-based space

In recent years, plant-based alternatives to meat products have witnessed a dramatic increase in popularity. The United States, in particular, has seen a shift in consumer demand for plant-based proteins designed to look and taste like meat, spurring the success of companies such as Beyond Meat and Impossible Foods.

The market for alternative proteins and meats is growing as well in the Middle East and is expected to expand over the next decade. This will be driven by consumer awareness, concerns over climate change and the growing interest in health and wellness. There is a lot of room for expansion, innovation and investment is this area in the region.  This market that needs to be filled with new and innovative companies, including start-ups that can respond to this new movement. The region is on the cusp of change that will bring people to view food with a more conscious engagement and a transformation of eating habits for the current and future generations.

One such company that is actively working and striving to make a difference and bring a shift in perception understanding and appreciation of plant-based / alternative protein lifestyles is Sincerely V.  Victoria Diachkova, founder and owner of Sincerely V, a catering business based in Cairo, Egypt, that is all about providing healthy alternatives to everyday meals, that are as delicious as they are nutritious. Diachkova, started her business in 2018, as a plant-based nutritionist and health food enthusiast, and wanted to spread the message of the importance of this lifestyle on health and on the environment.

We had the opportunity to discuss with Diachkova her views, her plans, visions and aspirations for the future for the plant-based space as well as her plans for the future of Sincerely V. (SV)

1.  Tell us about your journey to embrace healthier /sustainable foods, lifestyles and living?

My journey started about 4 years ago when I started studying nutrition. I initially started for health reasons, but the more I learned the more I discovered the consequences of our lifestyle on the environment. This led to my conviction that we all can do our part in giving this planet a break. We can all benefit from reducing the meat in our diet and including more plants.

2.  What are your leading products and who are they targeted to?

At SV, we target health-conscious eaters in general, athletes, fitness enthusiasts and people who appreciate good clean food. We have very few vegans/vegetarians among our customers. One of the reasons is that all our products are very simple and familiar to everyone. For example, one does not have to be vegan or vegetarian to enjoy a bowl of hot noodles or avocado toast.

3. What to you see as your main challenges in growing your business and how will you overcome these?

My main challenge is mainly in establishing smooth operations, making my food accessible to as many people as possible and  consistency in quality of service. Hence we are in the process of opening new branches, extending our hours of operation and hiring more ppeople to maintain the high quality service.

4. How will you measure the success of your business?

Success for me is seeing more and more places including plant-based options to their menu and them asking to collaborate with SV is already a win. My goal is to remains take plant-based mainstream. I aspire that through the success of my business, I will influence other F&B businesses to add more and more plant-based food on their menus.

5. What is your vision for the  next 5 years for your business.

I would like to manufacture plant-based meat alternative products here in Egypt as we have a huge potential in this market. I also want SV cafe to go international.

6. What is the one thing you will want people to remember about your brand.?

I want ppeople to think of SV food as part of their lifestyle. I don’t want them to eat it when they are on a diet or when they detox or just trying to go vegan. I want them to remember it is as delicious, nourishing, clean, accessible food that they want to eat every day.

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