Japanese Blossoms

  • The Only Eco-friendly alternative to Cling film, Plastic wrap, or Tin foil. Used the same way, NOT TO BE USED WITH HEAT.
  • 100% Egyptian Cotton Cloth dipped in Beeswax, Oil and resign
  • Made in Egypt

Launched in 2019, Beeswax Wraps are an eco-friendly alternative to single-use Cling film or Plastic Wrap. They are cotton fabric dipped in Beeswax, which creates a seal over the fabric to preserve any food leftovers, instead of single -use cling film. This is a completely organic product, bio-degradable, and NOT harmful to the environment.

Beeswax as a substance has anti-bacterial antifungal properties, which keeps the food fresh for longer. And what’s more, its washable (with cold water only) and reusable for up to 12months! After which you re-apply another layer of beeswax to reuse for another few years, this makes it the product not only Eco-Friendly, but totally Zero-Waste!

Bee’e Wraps