McDonald’s Protests: Rebels Continue To Stage ‘Mc-Sit-Ins’ Across The UK

Animal Rebellion campaigners are continuing to host ‘Mc-sit-ins’ across McDonald’s outlets in the UK, as part of calls for the fast-food giant to go completely plant-based by 2025.

Since protestors occupied a host of London outlets last weekend, the action has now spread to stores nationwide including Manchester, Brighton, and Stoke.

McDonald’s protests

As part of the ‘Mc-sit-ins’, campaigners are taking up seats in stores with their own vegan lunches.

It continued this weekend, at restaurants including London’s Oxford Street.

The peaceful protest comes as Animal Rebellion demands to speak to the chain’s UK CEO, Paul Pomroy, and demand him to switch to an entirely plant-based menu across all stores.

Moreover, protestors are organizing the sit-ins on a weekly basis via Whatsapp to ‘keep the pressure up.

They claim: “McDonald’s needs to transition to a fully plant-based menu by 2025 to address the climate and animal destruction they cause on a daily basis.”

Distribution blockade

The Extinction Rebellion sister organization successfully shut down the four distribution centers supplying McDonald’s 1,000 restaurants last month.

A ‘clear demand’

The demonstration involved erecting giant structures and displaying banners calling for a plant-based food system, due to the links between the meat and dairy industries and their weight on the climate crisis.

Additionally, the group blames McDonald’s for being a ‘symbol’ of animal agriculture and deforestation.

As a result of the demo, restaurants across the country reported food shortages.

On Instagram, the group stated: “We have a clear demand. And, we will keep up the pressure until McDonald’s transitions to a plant-based menu.”

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