Vodafone Egypt Takes another Step Closer Towards Sustainability with E-Tadweer

With several widespread environmental issues emerging today, the impact of corporate social responsibility is crucial to help in preserving the environment. With regards to sustainability, Vodafone Egypt is a key player and has a major role in creating a change with several environmental initiatives. Constantly working on raising awareness and addressing challenges, Vodafone Egypt has made fruitful partnerships with public and private sectors to launch multiple initiatives that can overcome the environmental challenges facing the Egyptian community.

Successfully presenting innovative ideas and technologies, and turning them into pioneering projects, Vodafone Egypt focuses on sustainability and encourages an environmentally conscious workplace. In order to build this culture, effectual steps have been put into practice including the disposal of all non-essential plastic materials in the headquarters and branches, as well as replacing plastic bags in all the branches with recycled or cloth paper bags. Additionally, building lightings have been replaced with LED. Worth mentioning, Vodafone Egypt has 3 buildings powered by solar energy, including the company’s headquarters buildings in the Smart Village and the Data Center building in Beni Sueif.

Carrying on further with its mission in building sustainable communities and preserving the environment, Vodafone Egypt has partnered with E-Tadweer, a platform that aims to find a sustainable mechanism for collecting e-waste generated by individuals with the provision of economic incentives. It supports the initiative of the e-waste collection system from individuals by providing discount vouchers (incentives) for individuals who dispose electrical and electronic waste through the electronic application, and providing waste collection points. Furthermore, it launches campaigns, targeting various society segments, to raise awareness on the need to safely dispose of their electronic waste in safe ways using the electronic application E-Tadweer.

Vodafone, The Number One Network has mastered its innovative marketing tools and capabilities to offer stellar incentives for its customers that will greatly contribute to advocating E-Tadweer as a platform.

One of the major techniques was the stop motion technique that helped communicate the new environmental friendly campaign that is rewarding to its customers at the same time, which is having the chance to receive a new Mobile phone with a discounted rate if you returned your old gadget at one of Vodafone branches available on E-Tadweer application. Consequently, this will boost the traffic on the platform encouraging more people to support the initiative and getting rid of the electronic wastes.

As the strategic partner of the ‘Go Green’ initiative launched by the Ministry of Environment under the patronage of His Excellency President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi, Vodafone Egypt plays a vital role with E-Tadweer taking big steps towards sustainability. With reputable technical expertise in the telecommunication industry, Vodafone Egypt is assigned as the technical arm for the Ministry to oversee the implementation of the electronic application. Egypt generates 500,000 to 600,000 KT of e-waste, and in order to eliminate the harms of unsafe disposal, Vodafone Egypt has participated in campaigns that help educate people on how safely get rid of e-waste. Moreover, the leading telecommunication company has donated ten tons of e-waste from the company to be a kick-off for starting the project in addition to allocating 4 of its branches in Cairo and Giza for collecting e-waste as a trial phase.

Additionally, and to encourage more people to become part of the change, Vodafone Egypt announced a set of incentives for citizens participating in the initiative and joining their cause in building sustainable, greener communities. 

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